The Quest for Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare Technology

Innovative technologies have either revolutionized the way we live our lives, or evolved the medical industry in innovative ways. However, people are always striving for new breakthroughs in healthcare which can be considered as one of the most important industries with a huge impact on society.

The Quest for Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare Technology

The Quest for Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare Technology is a blog which talks about health devices, clinical trials, and more that are making an attempt to innovate or at least sustainably improve healthcare technology. It offers practical solutions to issues that influence the healthcare industry such as innovation, cost reduction, costs of care, regulatory compliance etc. The blog provides resources for healthcare innovators, entrepreneurs, academic researchers and others. The blog has been developed by the team of scientists and healthcare professionals from several institutes in India.

The Quest for Innovative and Sustainable Healthcare Technology (HealthTechR), a non-profit organisation with its office based in New Delhi has been developing new health technologies since 2010. The team consists of clinicians, biologists, biomedical engineers and innovation experts who work in close collaborations with academics to develop novel healthcare products.

Although technology is powering innovations around healthcare today, there is a growing concern about the rising cost of medical devices that are becoming unaffordable for patients in developing countries. Focusing on the challenges faced by India and other developing countries, the HealthTechR team in collaboration with R&D initiatives from international organisations such as WHO are working towards affordable technologies for healthcare.

Apart from developing new technologies, the HealthTechR team is also involved in assessing the risks and benefits of innovative medical devices and related issues. These assessments help regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in making informed decisions about new medical technologies. The HealthTechR team is an active member of International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) and has been involved in establishing International Compliant Regulatory Reporting system for monitoring/tracking regulatory filings worldwide

International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) has been established by a team of professionals from India and abroad to promote knowledge about ethology and apply it in healthcare research organisations in the country, universities, government agencies, research institutions, NGOs and health service providers.

The society aims to foster a culture of ethical and professional conduct among health professionals, researchers and other stakeholders to achieve excellence in science-based healthcare. ISAE is about bringing together a community that produces the best research and shares it with the greatest benefit to people living with various diseases and disorders. The society works towards providing guidance for researchers, facilitating research ethics training and promoting ethics amongst healthcare professionals.

The business technology blog articles featured on HealthTechR are written by authors from all over the world who are involved in discourses related to healthcare innovation, technology development, academic research, regulation and clinical trials. The blog showcases their views on various aspects of innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions. The authors come from highly reputed institutions such as India, UK, China, USA etc.

The articles on HealthTechR provide a platform to research professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs who are working towards developing revolutionary technologies for healthcare products.

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