Top Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs: Drive Business Growth

Finishing work early doesn’t always mean you are more productive, but it may be the easiest way to find time in your schedule.

Take a break away from your desk, or try these tips from Macledge for a more productive workday. Never underestimate the power of good mood and active rest!

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

– Take a walk outside- whether it’s during lunch or before and after working hours, fresh air can refresh you.

– Keep some light snacks around in case hunger strikes once in a while; fruit is great since it’s still crunchy after being peeled. 

– Schedule two to three “break” times every day if possible.

– Keep a big thermos of coffee on your desk, and keep the pot filled. It’s a great to-go cup when you’re too busy to stop or take time for lunch. Never forget that coffee is dehydrating. Don’t drink it in large quantities as caffeine can leave you feeling sluggish.

– Don’t overworking yourself can cause drastic changes in your energy levels. 

– If it’s not possible to grab coffee from the office kitchen, go for an extra dose of caffeine by drinking home-made iced tea throughout the day and enjoying hot tea during work breaks. 

– Adopt an informal work atmosphere that allows you best productivity with minimal distractions, e.g. move your workstation closer to the window and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

– Take short lunches (15 minutes) during lunch hour if you can spare a few moments from work. This is another great way to keep yourself from feeling hungry at work.

– Always remember to drink water when working; it will help you stay bright and alert throughout the day.

– I always try to relax my mind by listening to soothing music during my precious spare time, as it helps me figure out my priorities, reduces stress and gives me clarity of mind. 

– Move your office table close enough so that you don’t have to bend down every time you want to place something on it, or bring up that document you were working with last night. 

– Stay organized in your work life by using sticky notes to remind yourself of instructions from co-workers and project managers. 

– Play calm and soothing music in the background to help you focus on tasks.

– Have a small reward of your favorite piece of chocolate always with you, so that you don’t have to have a ‘cheat day’ every week when you are on a weight loss program. 

– Get up from your desk and take a short walk after lunch; it will help prevent indigestion problems caused by overwork or eating too fast because you’re busy thinking about other things.

– Set personal goals that are attainable: if you want to get through everything on your list, break down large projects into smaller tasks with deadlines. 

– If you want to boost creativity during work hours, take a shower and brush your teeth. 

– When you are done with work, set aside time for yourself. You may also want to plan out the rest of your day so that you don’t end up missing out on something you need to do.

– Being social is important, but taking breaks from now and then allows you to stay focused without distracting yourself from work. 

– Use music during working hours or when making business calls; it will heighten your attention and allow you to think more clearly. A good beat can also stimulate your brain and help you stay energized when working for long periods of time.

– Take regular breaks during a long workday, at least every 2 1/2 hours. Get up to stretch your legs and walk around. 

– If possible, leave work early to do something fun or relax that might help keep you calm during the work day.

– Make a pact with yourself that there will be no more naps during the day; it will only disrupt everyone around you. 

– Next time you are tempted to take a nap at work, think whether it is really necessary or if it’s a better idea to just stay quiet for a while.

– Always try to eat your lunch away from your desk so that other people cannot intrude into your socializing time. 

– If you have a standing desk, take a walk during office breaks to keep your blood flowing.

– Keep up with news and current affairs by reading books on the subject that you are working on; it helps reinforce your understanding of the material, especially if it’s related to business. 

– Keep a book in your bag at all times to read when on the bus or train. You never know when you might have the chance to read while stuck in traffic.

– Relax yourself by reading an interesting blog post on something unrelated from your work schedule: for example, start with some inspirational quotes about work, and proceed from there. 

– Keep an alarm clock near you at all times so that you can wake up early if possible every morning. 

– Leave some time to make an appointment at least every week with your doctor for a health and nutrition check-up, especially if you are overworked and not getting enough sleep. 

– Get a massage at least once every six months; it will help keep away body aches and minor stress related problems. 

– Don’t be afraid to take a break at times when you are feeling exhausted as it is perfectly natural.

– If you feel like taking a break from work, remember that work isn’t the only thing in life that’s important; live each day to the fullest!

– Another great tip for changing your work tempo is to pump your jams with good music while working. 

– Whenever you have a free moment at work, take out a piece of paper and write down everything you need to get done in that time frame. 

– If you are feeling very stressed or tired, put on your favorite song and just focus on the lyrics, it helps relieve stress.

– Spend some time having fun , even if you don’t feel like it. It will refresh your mind and fix the problem. 

– When this happens, take a short break; close your eyes for 20 seconds or so, breathe deeply, and then get back to work again quickly with renewed energy.

– Take time to learn some new skills to help increase your knowledge base and have something to talk about with co-workers or friends.