Managing Social Media: A guide to saving you time

Social Media can be a great asset for any business. It provides the opportunity to interact with customers, manage customer service issues, and create brand awareness. 

However, if you are not properly managing your social media channels it can quickly become overwhelming and take up too much of your time.

This guide will go over some tips to make social media management easier so that you save time!

Tip 1: Consider creating separate social media accounts (one for a business, one for personal)

The problem with this is that it may make you seem like two different people. If your brand and persona are the same, then it might not be necessary to have these sets of accounts.  Make sure you think about what will work best for you and your business.

Tip 2: Create a schedule

A lot of people have found success by creating a calendar with posts for the week and marking off the ones that are already done. It can be difficult to keep up with social media without an organizational system in place, but this will help you stay on top of things!

Tip 3: Create lots of content ahead of time

The more content you create beforehand, the less work it will take when it comes time to post. 

This is great because if your computer crashes or something else happens where you lose access to your account (like Facebook being down), then all those pre made posts will still be available even though they won’t show up until later on.

Tip 4: Hire someone part-time to do your social media

This is a great time saving option because you’ll be able to focus on running the business and not have to worry about content. It will also free up more of your time because it may take less than 60 minutes per day for someone else to post!  

However, this can seem impersonal or unprofessional if done incorrectly. Make sure that whoever does it has enough knowledge about what they are doing in order for them to create good posts.

Tip 5: Use social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer

These apps allow you set times when your account should automatically update with new posts so that you don’t always have to remember what’s happening next which means better chances of actually following through.

Tip 6: Get rid of the apps and websites that you don’t use anymore

It’s OK to cull your social media accounts every now and then. If you have an app or website that you no longer visit, remove it from your account. 

This will make browsing through all those different sites a lot easier on both yourself as well as anyone else who might try to help with managing your digital presence!  

It can be hard to realize when something is essential for business purposes because there are so many options these days but if in doubt just cut it out for good measure!

Tip 7: Keep up with trends

One of the most difficult parts about social media management is keeping up on what’s hot in order to post. Make it easier by subscribing to blogs that talk about these topics or checking into popular hashtags!  

If you’re not sure how, Google will be your best friend when looking for information and there are so many different sources out there now where you can find everything from memes to advertising ideas.

Tip 8: Don’t over-share

The key here is moderation; don’t share too much because then people won’t want to follow you but also don’t under-share either which means they may forget all about you if nothing new has been posted recently. A general rule of thumb is two posts a day: one in the morning and then another at night.

Tip 9: Share, share, share!

The more you post about your business or yourself on social media, the better it is for both because people will get to know more about what makes them great as well as how they can help others succeed. 

Make sure that every now and then you promote other people’s content too so that they’ll do the same for yours!  Creating good relationships with these other accounts may make their followers want to check out who you are again which means an influx of new fans.

 Helping each other out also builds trust between like-minded individuals which shows potential customers that there might be something worth checking into right here after all!

Follow all the tips mentioned in this blog and watch success come your way.I hope you liked this blog, if you need help finding social media blog sites or help regarding any other thing then you should stay tuned so that you don’t miss out on anything.