The Tech Blogging Community: A Universal Language

It’s hard to deny the importance of technology in modern society. From the first computers to smartphones, we are constantly bombarded with new technologies that make our lives easier. And while tech is a global phenomenon, it has an inherent language that connects people across all boundaries. 

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The term “tech blogging” can be very vague. There are many different types of blogs that cover a wide range of topics, from tech news sites like Engadget and Wired to lifestyle blogs like Gizmodo or Boing Boing. The blogging subculture has an inherent diversity that makes it hard to generalize the experience of bloggers. Even so, tech bloggers have much in common: blogging is a way to share knowledge and opinions with others, and the core audience for those blogs is people interested in technology. That’s why the tech blogging community shares many of these universal aspects, from language to etiquette.


Identity is a huge part of any blog community, as personal blogging allows millions of people to express themselves to an audience. But identity can be particularly strong for bloggers who focus on tech topics. A blogger who writes about the latest smartphones will connect with those who are interested in smartphones, and a blogger writing about web development will connect with those interested in web design – it’s possible for these bloggers to become a part of a tech blogging community.

One way for tech bloggers to define themselves is by publishing content that they care about. Tech bloggers can choose what topics and technologies to investigate, but they must still avoid writing solely about themselves if they wish to maintain their identity as a representative of the tech blogging world.

Style & Etiquette

Most tech blogs are very opinionated, as most blogs cover the technologies that affect their readers’ daily lives. Bloggers are an important part of their community, as they provide valuable commentary on topics that are often ignored by mainstream media (such as mobile development or gaming). Some blogs, like the ones at, aren’t averse to making jokes about serious topics, which is part of what makes them so popular.

There is also an etiquette that follows with tech blogging. One journalist wrote a post about how to be a good tech blogger, saying: “If you want to write on technology or politics for mainstream outlets and believe us there is a whole lot you don’t know already you have to employ this voice. It’s the voice of your party, the voice of your movement, the voice that says “no matter what happens to me I’m going to take you with me.” It’s a voice that is telling you what to do, not more than that.”

In order to achieve this kind of authenticity, tech blogs are constantly searching for new ways to improve their style and style guide. Doing so works best when there’s an established system in place – like in the industry blog industry itself. Keep reading!

Industry Blogging: With Style & Etiquette

Industry blogs have a completely different style from other types of blogs. While other blogs are written by one person, industry blogs regularly feature about four different authors, each of whom contribute their own ideas and points of view. Industry blogs are also highly professional; they focus on how to improve the blog community at large and don’t focus on things like internet memes or silly stories. While some industries may have a more relaxed style guide, the tech blogging community has a strong set of rules that differentiate it from other types of blogging.

Industry bloggers have their own code of conduct called blogging etiquette . It’s a set of rules that tech bloggers follow in order to make the online experience more pleasant for everyone who visits their blog.