Tech World’s 2022 Predictions

Net neutrality is dead. So are the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple. Welcome to the new world order of 2022, where we’re all living in a post-smartphone society.

This is an article about how our technology will be changing over time and what things may look like by 2022.What will the world be like in 2022? What does the future hold for us, and how has our technology changed over recent years?

The following is a list of predictions from Tech World on what we can expect to see by 2022:

  • The majority of global populations will have access to affordable high speed Internet by 2020 and even lower income households are expected to be online by 2023.
  • Self driving cars will become mainstream, with some reports saying that they’ll overtake non autonomous vehicles for market share as soon as 2030.
  • “Internet Giants” such as Facebook, Google and Apple may start looking more like utilities companies than tech giants because their assets (i.e how much data you can upload onto them) won’t be limited anymore  meaning everyone’s social media accounts could eventually look different according to what platform they choose rather than just being restricted depending on what they can afford.
  • The cost of bandwidth has fallen exponentially over the past few years, and we’re likely to see a trend towards reduced costs for data moving forward as more people start using it.
  • Social media is now considered an essential utility in many countries around the world such as Indonesia where nearly 100% of populations have access to affordable high speed Internet by 2020,’ markets with strong social connections will continue to grow which could lead some companies (such as Facebook) becoming very successful while others (i.e Outlook Mail) may be left out in the cold’.
  • “Big Data” analytics will become more valuable than ever before when trying to predict patterns or behaviors from large amounts of information, meaning there’ll be big money in the industry.
  • In 2020, one gigabyte of data will cost as little as $0.05 – a price we might expect to see for Internet access by 2022 under net neutrality laws which would have been passed from 2025 onwards at that point .
  • There will be a new shift in the way we think about privacy as well. Today’s social media platforms are all relatively centralized, meaning there is a single point of failure but by 2022 that could change with decentralized alternatives starting to take over and people becoming more comfortable sharing information publicly instead of just privately through them.

With the amount of technology we have today, it’s no surprise that there are many predictions about what our world will look like in 2022. 

The future is unknown and unpredictable but you can always expect to see more tech advances and increased digital marketing as time goes on! One thing is for sure, we’re going to be living in a very different IT landscape than today. Whatever happens tomorrow you can always rely on us for the best technology blog ideas.