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Are you a freelance writer with a passion for blogging? If so, we have a perfect opportunity for you. Write For Us Blogs is looking for talented bloggers to guest post on our blog.

We are constantly updating the site with new content and inviting guest bloggers from all over the world to share their expertise with our readership. In addition, we will reach out to your social media channels and promote your posts as well! If this sounds like an opportunity that would be of interest to you please contact us today!

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Answer: Write for us! Platform submissions and guest posts. We’re always looking for new content to share with our readers:

We accept:

1) Guest posts, ideally 500 words max (including title and intro). Ready-to-go posts followed with all the guidelines can be submitted as a link to the text.

2) Press releases, aiming for 300-400 words maximum. A press release should include at least 5 interesting points about your company/website so that it’s no pressure if you have an idea but are unable to put anything together yet. If the press release is longer than 400 words or submission could benefit from further editing, please e-mail us.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: You can write for us by starting out with guest posts, sponsored posts, or press releases. You can also try to get in touch with blogs that are sponsoring guest bloggers, but keep in mind that many sites don’t accept unsolicited work because they’re not able to weed through all the spam submissions they receive.

Emailing your blog post or article directly to websites is an easier way of reaching out because you’ll probably get a quicker response than if you contact them via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook; however, it’s much less likely that these articles will be accepted for publication.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: With the decrease of advertising budgets that are available to be spent on traditional media, marketers are looking for innovative ways to spend their marketing dollars.

Search engine optimization is not always enough for a business. We pay because by using guest posts as an alternate form of marketing, you can write about your product and offer insightful and original content on a large scale.

Guest blogging isn’t just about driving traffic back to your own site or company blog; it’s about developing relationships with other content producers and leveraging those relationships into more impressions on what will become your target audience.

This type of relationship-building can help establish credibility with readers as it allows you to be seen as an expert in the field by covering quality topics related to your industry.

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Submit your pitch to blogs, guest posts, or complete articles.

We don’t accept guest posts that are just pitched for other publications (essays, explainers). We prefer submissions from you, so submit your idea as a draft first and make your case in the email – like the other content on this site. Please send ideas for essays or explainers to our email.

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: We allow professional writers with a degree in journalism to publish on our site, but also have a strong focus on blogs and freelance writers.

We have certain criteria for freelance writing articles that we know will be informative and timely for people considering changing jobs or careers. On occasion, we’ll accept a guest post, sponsored post from a career advisor that’s been pre-approved by the writer beforehand. Blogs are something different entirely – they’re written specifically for us because of our audience, but we can’t tell you if they’re not about careers at all!

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: Guest posting shows that you are knowledgeable in your field, increases targeted traffic to your site, increases backlinks to the blog post by the guest posting on their blog

Guest posting is an important tool when it comes to SEO. It has been shown that guest bloggers typically have good-quality content that contains relevant keywords in every article. This will help with your content marketing strategy and will ensure that people can find your website’s information with ease.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: Anyone with a blog, website, or interest in writing can submit content.

Please include the original articles when only while submitting. Guest posts are welcome and we prefer that you send an article that is 100% complete.

If it would be easier for you to write one sentence, to sum up, your point, and then I will add another sentence about what it is about, please still mention everything in your original email – even if it’s just a total of two sentences describing the topic before signing off with your contact.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: We publish articles on everything from food and nutrition, to travel and outdoors, to style and fashion.

Some of the most popular topics we cover are how nutritious different foods are, what you can do to make your workouts more pleasurable or whether wearing high heels really is that bad for you.

We also constantly update our site with helpful tips for the home, office, or school so you never feel too unprepared for a test again. And as a blog dedicated to helping people live a lifestyle they enjoy full of things they love, we want to engage all of your passions…even those who don’t have anything directly with us!

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: We write for our readers and to provide practical advice, relevant information on how best to blog. We give you great rundowns on the technical aspects of blogging, what your audience might want from you, and where you can guest post so that we all keep growing together!

These posts are meant for writers looking for information on getting started with their blogs. You’ll find detailed breakdowns of why starting a blog is a good idea as well as info about publishing platforms, writing tools, finding content ideas, and more. If there’s something specific that’s stopping you from starting up a blog then we’ve got it covered here – come take a look! 🙂

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What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: The following are things that you should do when writing content for us.

Keep the complete article helpful and practical by telling the reader what they need to know, not everything that can be known about the topic (answer key). Remember that our readers like to keep things at their fingertips.

Follow an outline format whenever possible. This makes it easier for readers to take in all of the information you want them to know at once without getting confused or missing an important point.

Use paragraphs (space between points) instead of block text (information copied over one long line with no space between points), which is harder for eyes and brains alike to decipher quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively.

Email: [email protected]