A No-Nonsense Guide to Building Your Business: Why You Need a Website

A website is your business’s online storefront and the best way to get noticed. A website can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if it is designed with conversion in mind. A poorly-designed website will waste your time, money and opportunity for growth. If you want to increase sales and grow your business, follow these 10 simple steps! Also you will come to know why your business needs a blog at the end of this post.

What should a well designed site meet?

A well-designed site should meet people where they are: on their computers or mobile devices (see “mobile optimization” below).

Update a static news feed

Consider how often new products come out that need updating a static news feed won’t suffice when you have constant updates throughout the week from blogs like this one! A blog allows content creators to continually engage users through blog posts, social media updates and feedback. A blog is a must-have for any business that wants to keep their content fresh.

Search engine optimization

A website should be optimized with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind from the very beginning of your site’s creation don’t worry! A professional web designer can make sure you are getting all these opportunities right away at no extra cost.

Easy payment options

You need easy payment options on your site so customers feel confident they will not have problems completing a purchase online or over the phone if necessary: PayPal, Credit Cards [include logos], Apple Pay etcetera…allowing people to pay using what feels natural makes it easier for them to complete transactions through your site and increases conversions by up to 30%.

Easy to navigate

A well-designed site should be easy to navigate. A website that is difficult for a user to find what they are looking for will result in an increased bounce rate and decreased conversions.

Enough information about the product

A lot of people feel uncomfortable buying products online because they do not have enough information about the product before making their purchase decision leave them with no doubts by including videos, detailed descriptions, 360 degree views etcetera any amount of content you can provide buyers will help alleviate some concerns or questions they might have while browsing your store.

Website with a responsive design

A responsive design means that your site automatically adjusts itself so it looks good on any device from desktop computers down to smartphones. This also allows users who may want more screen space as opposed to scrolling down on their phone or tablet to do so. A website with a responsive design allows users to have the best experience no matter what they are viewing it on!

Don’t make everything look like an 80s cartoon!

A good web designer will take your brand and industry into account when creating your site, but you should also think about how current trends in social media and mobile will affect the overall user experience. Keep this in mind when considering colors, fonts etcetera. you want people to be able to easily find information without getting frustrated. Don’t make things too hard for them by making everything look like an 80s cartoon!

Promote your business via professional website

A professional website can help promote your business locally through listings across various directories such as Yelp!, and more while simultaneously increasing visibility nationally and internationally. A professional website will also give you a reputable web address and presence that broadcasts your business to all of its potential customers!

A professionally designed site is the best way to maximize sales, grow your customer base, increase brand awareness and establish trust with visitors. A well-designed site can be an asset for any company or organization looking to succeed in today’s digital world remember: it doesn’t just cost money, it costs opportunity as well!

By Ethan More

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