10 Common IT Questions for Small Businesses: Answering Your Tech Troubles

Every small business owner faces a myriad of problems, ranging from the practical to the existential. We all need someone to help us face these challenges, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a company that offers what you need. If you run a small business, it’s likely that you know just enough about technology to be dangerous. After all, there’s no one to stay on top of your IT needs like a full-time IT pro, and the last thing anyone needs is another liability when they’re running their own business.

But if you have questions about how to do something related to your computer or other tech device? There are places you can go for answers.

Do you have a question about your IT setup that’s been irking you? Here are some of the most common problems small businesses face, and the simplest ways to fix them. Having trouble with your Google account? Worried about ransomware? Want to know how to create a business email account without having to manually set it up every time? These questions and more (along with their answers), await in this article.

In this list of 10 commonly asked questions for small companies, Macledge will provide you with some suggestions for how your company might be able to better assist you.

Common IT Questions for Small Businesses:

1. Should we have more than one computer?

If your company has multiple computers for day-to-day operations and uses them as one another, then it makes sense to have two or three computers in order to increase reliability and avoid data loss. If, however, your company is mainly a one-person operation, then I see no real reason to have more than one computer.

2. Should we have multiple email addresses?

If your company uses multiple email addresses for its business-related purposes, then I believe you should. In particular, it makes sense to use a different email address each time you are asked to register for a new account with the Internet. Don’t use the same email address (for example, “”) that you used in the past! Also, do not use personal email addresses (such as “” or “”) for your company.

3. How do we create a database at home?

If you regularly transfer data between computers, you should consider installing specialized software and hardware for this purpose. The most popular software is called “Postgres,” and it’s available online for free at the Postgres Software website . The hardware consists of a server that connects to the Internet, local area network, or on some personal computers, then transfers data between them. Some useful databases can also be downloaded and installed directly on a home computer (free) from the Earth-Link® URLware™ webpage .

4. Do we need a website?

A website can be a great tool for any business. You can include links to your social media pages, online store, and other activities. However, if you have no online presence whatsoever, then I don’t see much reason to have one. In this case, you can easily create your own “virtual” website with free software like Metapad (choose the “Document+” template) or Bluehost™ Web Hosting .

5. Is it possible to build a website without assistance?

Yes! It’s possible to build your own website without being an expert in web development tools or the programming language that is required for building websites in general, such as HTML5/CSS3 and PHP . You can use a free website builder tool like Metapad or Bluehost™ Web Hosting and then hire a graphic designer to create your logo, icons, and other graphics.

6. How should we format our text?

When you are writing for your website, I highly recommend that you use the following formatting options: 1) Title Case with Hyperlinks 2) Bold 3) Italics 4) Underline 5) Bullets 6) Numbers 7) Plain Unordered Lists 8) Bulleted Lists 9) Numbered Lists And if necessary, 10) Abbreviations.

7. What kind of website should we have?

It’s obvious that any small business needs a website for its business-related purposes. However, not all websites are created equal. Small business owners should look for websites that can support their activities and don’t require too much maintenance. In my opinion, you should consider these six types of websites: 1) Personal Website 2) Blog 3) Forum/Discussion Board 4) Online Store 5) E-Commerce Website 6) Wiki Website 

8. How do we attract visitors to our website?

A successful website relies on two things: getting people there in the first place, and maybe even more importantly, getting them to stay. Getting a visitor to come back from a site takes some work, but you can make it easier by providing quality content and relevant information that they need to keep coming back for more.

9. How do we get a blog started?

If you are blogging for business-related purposes and want to make money blogging then you should consider using BlueHost™ Web Hosting . Their interface is perfect for blogging because it is pre-installed with WordPress, which supports page shortcuts, tags, categories, etc.. 

10. How do we get paid writing articles?

If your passion is writing articles for your website and you are looking for someone to write them for you, then I recommend the Write-For-Money service . They have very experienced writers who will work with you on content SEO and other issues. In addition, they always pay promptly using PayPal™ Direct Payment , so there are no delays or misunderstandings between the two of us.

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